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About Us

NN International Service Inc. 

Specializing in strategy, international business development, and logistics for PPE. NN International Service Inc.’s purpose is to help organizations thrive through overcoming the obstacles of moving goods and people to market.


We have provided clients with reducing their logistics expenditures while maintaining 100% customer service satisfaction. Our expertise in all things PPE and logistics, we build trusted relationships that help our customers find what they’re looking for. From new product introductions to after-market services, our blending of people, process and service across North America and Asia enables our customers the confidence to move forward.


We help connect PPE suppliers to businesses that enables for an easy, efficient, and trusted process. We blend our expertise of customer service, skills and knowledge to help our customers have a smooth process. Whether you need masks, gloves or gowns, NN International Service Inc. is your trusted source.

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